Sea swimming in the UK has seen a massive increase in recent years. It’s a practice which dates back to the ancient Egyptians and is said to bring a wealth of benefits for both your physical and mental wellbeing. 

If you are sitting in the seaview lounge in our boutique hotel in Oban, you’ll find it hard to resist a dip in our sea! With noticeable impacts on your health and overall wellbeing, let’s dive in and explore four benefits of swimming in the sea.

1. Improved Circulation

The practice of using seawater for cosmetic and health benefits is also known as Thalassotherapy. Sea swimming is known to restore essential micro-elements which can help improve the cycle of blood and circulation. Cold water rapidly redirects blood from our extremities to our vital organs and then circulates it back as we warm up, promoting excellent blood flow!

Sea swimming is also great for your immune system as the water contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and micro-organisms which are absorbed by the skin during swimming. These possess antibacterial properties and can even function as natural antibiotics.

Immersing yourself in cold water exposes you to more germs, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Regular cold water dips regulate your body’s antioxidant processes, lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer

2. Help with Skin Conditions

If you’re someone that suffers from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, then you may benefit from swimming in seawater, as the anti-inflammatory effects can help speed up your skin’s healing process.

Seawater contains natural cosmetics like magnesium, sodium, calcium, chloride, and sulfate, all of which offer rich vitamins and minerals for our skin. The magnesium content in seawater enhances the skin’s moisture retention, absorbs toxins, and diminishes inflammation, resulting in a fresh and vibrant complexion.

Saltwater swimming is also known to be effective against bacteria that causes acne, with skincare experts recognising the benefits of saltwater for a considerable time, known for addressing aging and problematic skin – this is why many modern skincare products include saltwater as a primary ingredient.  

3. Improved Mental Health

A primary benefit of swimming in the sea is the improvement of mental health. Cold water therapy is recognised in the reduction of anxiety and depression levels. A study conducted in the UK found that those who took a ten week sea swimming course experienced elevated levels of mood and well-being.

Studies reveal increased beta-endorphin production, known as the ‘feel-good’ molecules, can contribute to fewer visits to mental health professionals among regular swimmers. Immersing yourself in deep, cold water promotes mindfulness, acting as a calming meditation that focuses solely on the present moment.

Sea swimming can be daunting, especially in Scotland, due to the cold climate and icy waters; however, the challenge of braving the cold can be beneficial in the long run. Consistently swimming throughout the year enhances determination and focus, empowering you to feel more in control.

After a day of sea swimming in Oban’s waters, you can relax in the comfort of our sea view lounge, and experience true peace and tranquillity.

4. Muscle Repair

Cold water swimming is a highly effective and enjoyable method for recovering from various sports activities, suitable for individuals of all ability levels.

Saltwater serves as a natural anti-inflammatory, accelerating the recovery process and alleviating muscle fatigue. This practice is an exceptional tool for recovery, as it aids in the reduction of swelling, and alleviating aches and pains. It can significantly minimise or eliminate delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), improving recovery and enabling a quicker return to fully healed body.


On your next trip to Oban, we encourage you to try swimming in the sea and experience the benefits to your health. For all you know, you may even see some dolphins while you’re there!

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