They say one should eat Breakfast like a King (or Queen) and we believe this one of the truest statements around this British stable.

Our extensive breakfast menu will have you set for the day of adventures on the West Coast of Scotland. Locally sourced ingredients, cooked with flair and dedication. 

The selection includes classic breakfast dishes, such as French toast, granola, and a hearty full Scottish Breakfast. There are also some lesser-known, but equally delicious dishes to sample. 

We ask that all residents pre-order their breakfast even prior to further enhance their stay with us.

Salmon on Toast

Locally Sourced Salmon

Our salmon is locally sourced and smoked to perfection at Alba Smokery, a renowned smoker on the beautiful West Coast of Scotland. With our expertly crafted dish, you’ll enjoy the rich flavours and aromas that can only come from premium, fresh ingredients.

Granola, ice cream, and sauce

Homemade Granola

Our granola is freshly baked using only the finest quality ingredients.  The delicious breakfast dish can be enjoyed with our seasonal fruit compote, or with a unique combination of labneth olive oil, honey, and cucumber.

Breakfast Table and dishes