Local Attractions in Oban

McCaig’s Tower

McCaig’s Tower is Oban’s very own coliseum. After indulging in a delicious breakfast from our hotel, we encourage you to make the journey to our beloved landmark. Throughout your trip, you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous views of Oban’s harbour and the surrounding islands.

The tower itself hosts beautifully maintained gardens, inviting you to bask in its stunning setting.

Drone image McCaigs Tower
Exterior of Oban Distillery

Oban Distillery

One of our favourite attractions, for many reasons, is the Oban Distillery. Most locals would highly recommend this spot for any visiting whisky connoisseurs.

Its name derives from the town where the Highlands meets the Islands – Oban. The coastal location and character of our town are reflected in their 14-year-old single malt whiskey. The distillery offers many different tours with experts who will guide you through the art of distilling, their processes, and of course, a delicious dram to finish the tour.

Dunollie Museum

In visiting Dunollie Museum, you can discover and learn about the enthralling life of the Clan MacDougall, who dominated large parts of Argyll.

Spend time enjoying the gorgeous woodland areas surrounding the museum, including the Woodland Trail, World of Trees, the spectacular Willow Hall, Faerie Garden and the castle ruins.

Wherever you choose to explore, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views across Oban Bay.

Dog Stone in Oban

Dog Stone

No matter your choice in travel – walk, sail, or ferry – you’ll likely encounter the famous Dog Stone.

Thought once to be a sea stack, this remarkable geological formation now appears to emerge organically from the land, adorned with trees sprouting from its peak. Prepare to be captivated by its mystery!

According to various sources, it is around 415 million years old. Apparently, its name ‘Dog Stone’ derives from a folklore where the giant, Fingal, tied up his dog, Bran, while he went hunting in the Hebrides.

Pulpit Hill

Whether you find yourself chasing the golden skies of a sunrise or enjoying the warm embrace of the Argyll sunrise, Pulpit Hill is the best place to relish in Oban’s gorgeous skyline – they’re simply breathtaking!

To embark on this scenic adventure, make your way towards the town centre, head to the south end of the harbour, and follow the signposts that guide you through the hilly residential area until you reach the pinnacle. Trust us, the journey is well worth it for the magnificent views that await you at the top.

Drone photo of Oban and the surrounding landscape
Oban Sanatorium

The Oban Hills Hydropathic Sanatorium

Overlooking the town and its harbour, you’ll discover The Oban Hills Hyropathic Sanatorium – the remains of the once envinsioned Hydropathic hotel which dates back to 1881!

Making the journey up the hill, found east of Oban, you’ll be treated to captivating views across the bay.

Ganavan Sands

Are you a lover of Scottish wildlife who loves spending time at the beach? If so, we highly recommend a visit to the stunning Ganavan Sands. It’s only a 30-minute walk from our hotel and you’ll be treated to the beautiful scenery that surrounds our coastal town.

If walking isn’t your thing, buses are available to take you there. If you prefer to drive, the beach is easily accessible by road with ample parking spaces.

Ganavan Sands also offers its visitors breathtaking views of Mull, Lismore, and Morven!

Dog running the beach
Dunstaffnage Castle

Dunstaffnage Castle

Explore the formidable fortress that served as the seat of power for the mighty “Kings of the Isles”. Found upon a sturdy rock, Dunstaffnage stands as one of Scotland’s oldest stone castles, steeped in history.

Once the home of the MacDougall clan, the castle now surrounded by lush woodlands, creating a idealic setting. Inhabited by pipistrelle bats and various other rare Scottish wildlife species, the castle grounds have become a haven for nature’s wonders. Embark on a journey through time and nature as you uncover the secrets of our town’s history.